Seeking Solutions for the Reintroduction of Scottish Seed Potatoes in the EU

Due to the pressure on European seed potato stocks this year, growers in Spain and Portugal are hopeful for a long-term solution to allow the sale of Scottish potato seed in the European Union. The trade was abruptly halted on January 1, 2021, following Brexit, when the United Kingdom was declared a third country. Although […]

Unpredictable Weather: The Challenges of Scotland’s Potato Planting Season

In Scotland, the potato planting season has been a race against the clock as farmers navigate unpredictable weather patterns. Persistent rain showers have forced farmers to seize every dry spell for planting, creating a start-stop rhythm that complicates their efforts. Despite dry surfaces, the underlying soil remains soaked, making the task even more challenging. Most […]

Crop Protection

The Seed Potato Organisation (SPO), the UK’s sole representative body for the seed potato sector, identifies extreme weather as a major challenge for growers. Rising temperatures are leading to an increase in aphids that spread disease, posing a threat to Scotland’s typically clean, virus-free crops. While European countries have been battling potato crop viruses for […]