The Seed Potato Organization (SPO) is distinct from AHDB Potatoes, as membership is based on voluntary subscriptions rather than a mandated levy. This approach allows the SPO to provide greater value for money and directly address the specific needs of the seed potato sector and its growers. For the SPO to fully achieve its objectives, a high level of participation from the community will be essential

Our mission is:

to safeguard our crops from viral threats, enhance the quality and yield of our produce, and expand our market reach worldwide. 

Fund research, innovation, and technical services that drive advancements and improvements within the seed potato sector.

focus on developing partnerships across the industry to support members with cutting-edge research, collaborative initiatives, and advocacy efforts, promoting sustainable and prosperous practices within the potato farming community. 

Lobby government and governing bodies on critical issues that impact our growers, such as the regulation and use of insecticides, and the implementation of quality initiatives like rogueing programs.

Advocate for policies that support sustainable and safe agricultural practices, ensuring the long-term viability and success of our industry.