The Seed Potato Organisation (SPO) was formed by a group of Scottish growers to support and develop the seed potato industry

SPO is

An independent, transparent, and democratic organisation, set up as a co-operative, run by seed growers for the benefit of its members

A lean organisation where growers set the agenda each year, focusing on activities relevant to the seed industry, and delivering value for money

Full membership with voting rights will be open to all certified seed growers. Associate membership will be available to ware potato growers and supply chain businesses

This is what SPO does

  1. Represent the views of seed potato grower members and present evidence to governments

  2. Fund research, innovation, and technical services to benefit the seed potato sector

  3. Support the development of seed potato markets

  4. Ensure the economic and environmental sustainability of the seed potato sector

SPO membership cost

It is proposed that each member will initially purchase redeemable shares (£1,000), which will be used as capital to establish the organisation

Members will then pay an annual fee based on their area of seed grown

The annual fee for 2024 is £500.

A Hectarage will be proposed for 2025 to fund current, and future initiatives.

Who can be an SPO member?

It is expected that seed growers will form the bulk of the membership

Ware growers, potato trade and supply chain companies will be welcome to join as Associate Members

Now is the time for seed potato growers to set the agenda:
join SPO and help it shape the development of the sector