Mark Clark

Retired M.D of Grampian Growers has joined SPO as Membership Acquisition Consultant.
Mark has many years of experience
In the industry and will be investing time in visiting Growers to support the expansion of our membership.

SPO Membership Cost

It is proposed that each member will initially purchase redeemable shares (£1,000), which will be used as capital to establish the organisation

Members will then pay an annual fee based on their area of seed grown

The annual fee for 2024 is £500.

Who can be an SPO member?

  • Seed growers
  • Ware growers
  • Potato trade and supply chain companies will be welcome to join as Associate Members.

A Democratic Co-Op

The basis of control in a co-op is democratic through one member one vote, irrespective of size of business. The principal governing control is equality. Co-ops are based on the values of self-help, honesty, democracy and solidarity. Co-op law and the co-op’s constitution (called ‘Rules’) are strong and provide individual members with considerable rights protected by law. It is the members that own SPO and say how it is to be managed.


The co-op will be governed by a Board of Directors, whose main purpose is to ensure SPO members’ future prosperity and success by collectively directing its affairs. Directors are elected and appointed by the members to represent their interest and ensure the successful guardianship of the organisation. The elected Board will report back to all members with the progress of the organisation, its performance, issues and actions.